Simple Fried Carrots

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I have a good portion of Southern genes in my background, which means there is plenty of fried okra and other fried veggies in my past too. But come wintertime, there are a whole lot fewer fresh vegetables, and thus a lot less fried veggies that stick to your ribs. I can’t quite remember when, but one wintertime, I decided to try fried carrots instead.

They were delicious!

Soft, and slightly caramelized…and oh, so simple.

Plus, did you know there’s a nutritional benefit?

Are Fried Carrots Healthy?

Well…sort of. 😉

I know fried veggies aren’t known for their health benefits, but hear me out. Carrots contain vitamins A and E, among other nutrients. Many people don’t realize this, but vitamins like A and E are fat-soluble, which from my understanding, means your body absorbs them better in the presence of fat. (You’ll notice that the color of the carrots also colors the grease, so your stirring utensil will actually turn slightly orange during the cooking process. I assume this is related.)

Simple Fried Carrots Recipe


  • 1 bunch of carrots
  • Few tablespoons of oil or lard
  • Salt to taste


Peeling and slicing carrots for making homemade fried carrots.

Wash, peel, and slice carrots.

Fried carrots cooking in cast iron skillet.

Heat oil or lard in a well-seasoned cast iron skillet. Once hot, add carrot slices to the oil. Stir to coat.

Fry carrots, stirring often. I usually cook them over medium-high heat. However, you’ll need to adjust this depending on how hot your stove runs. Because they’re higher in sugar than some other things you might be used to frying, they will burn more quickly.

Cook until carrots are soft and golden brown.

Season fried carrots with salt before serving immediately!

Make super simple and delicious fried carrots using just three ingredients! #RachelsRealFoodKitchen #friedcarrots
Simple Fried Carrots
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Simple Fried Carrots

Prep Time5 minutes
Cook Time15 minutes
Course: Side Dish
Cuisine: American
Keyword: fried carrots
Author: Rachel Abernathy


  • Cast iron skillet


  • 1 sm. bunch whole carrots
  • 1-4 TB oil or lard
  • salt (to taste)


  • Wash, peel, and slice carrots.
  • Heat oil in skillet. Add carrots to oil, stirring to coat.
  • Cook over approx. medium-high heat (or lower), stirring frequently.
  • Cook until carrots are soft and golden brown. Season to taste & serve immediately.

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